Pet Grooming Scissors set



1. Brand new and high-quality material.

2. It can trim any part of your pet such as body, face, nose, ear, tail, paw etc.

3. 7-inch Scissors, professional pet grooming and hair cutting product.

4. Easy to use, with a scissors case for convenient to carry.



1.Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Purple, Blue, Multicolour

2.Scissor Length:  6 inch(Silver); 7 inch (Black, Gold, Purple, Blue, Multicolour)

3.Material: Stainless Steel  4CR   (Silver)

Material: Stainless Steel  440C (Black, Gold, Purple, Blue, Multicolour)

Note: The silver material is different from the other colors.


4.Hardness: 62HRC

5.Scissor Case Size : 24x 10 x 3cm

6.Thinning rate: 20%-30%

7.Apply For: Cut The Hair Of All Pets, such as dog, cat, rabbit, etc.


Package Included:

1x Cutting Scissor

1x Thinning Scissor

1x Curved Scissor Point Up

1x Curved Scissor Point Down

1x Comb

1x Clean Cloth

1x Stylish black leather case


Scissors material introduction:

The material of our factory Is scissors is mainly divided into the following kinds: high-quality stainless steel 4CR13 common 6CR13 common, 9CR13 common and the high-end quality Japanese stainless steel 440C which is world famous. All scissors are forging.

6CR13 belongs to Martensitic stainless steel which is the international number, The Martensitic stainless steel is used to produce the knife and scissors. The Martensitic stainless steel grades are mainly 4CR13, 6CR13, 9CR13.Stainless steel has a certain hardness to guarantee the sharpness of scissors. The internal organization of the Martensite stainless steel is changed by heat treatment, resulting in the formation of tempered martensite.Through the process, the hardness of stainless steel is increased, then complete the production of the scissors.With magnetic conductivity, can be attracted by the magnet.4CR13,6CR13 and 9CR13 Stainless steel are all high-speed steel and emerging steel.CR is chromium, the higher the previous number, the harder the more crisp, and not easier to rust.


Scissors maintenance instructions:

1.Please do not cut the air.

2.High-quality steel, high sharpness, when you use the scissors, you must pay attention to safety.

3.Please keep it clean after using, can lubricate if necessary.

4.Please be careful with the scissors, do not drop from the high level, this will destroy marginal adaptation of the scissors.

5.Do not use them to cut metal objects. The scissors can only be used for hair trimming, otherwise, it will shorten the life of using.


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5pcs Stainless Steel Pet Dogs Grooming Scissors Cat Hair Thinning Shear Sharp Edge Scissors For Dogs Animal Barber Cutting Tool

  • Brand Name: JULY’S OTTEP
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: PE0042
  • Item Type: Scissors
  • Type: Dogs
  • Item Name: 5pcs Pet Grooming Scissors
  • Color: sliver,black,blue,gold,multicolor,purple
  • Size: 6/7 inch
  • Quantity: 5pcs/set
  • Hardness: 62HRC
  • Drop-shipping: Yes

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